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1. What do I need to register?

Registration is FREE and easy, simply enter your details, ensure you enter your correct number starting with country code and payment details (bank account and phone number for ewallet, cash send, instant money)

2. What if I fail to pay my bid?

Members have the latitude to make payment within 12hrs. If payment is not received within the allocated time frame, your account will be suspended from the system and all your tokens forfeited and the tokens you bid will be reallocated back in the market.

3. How long do I have to approve a purchase after receiving the proof of payment?

Once a seller receives the proof of payment, they have 6 hours to approve the bid

4. What happens if the seller fails to approve my payment on time.?

Report to a support agent at once with your proof of payment and the sellers details.

5. How many bids can I place per session?

Each account is entitled to a single bid, however, you are eligible to place more bids if your payment and approval process is effected when the bid session is still in progress

6. Are there any rewards for referrals?

YES, you earn 10% bonus on the first purchase for each referral you make. To earn more you need to encourage your referrals to place high bids on their first purchase

7. Can I withdraw my referral bonus and place in the market?

YES, you can withdraw your bonus and put up for sale, however, only bonuses that are up to R1000 are eligible for withdrawal

8. What is my profit margin

If you select 5 days you will make 20%

If you select 10 days you will make 45%

If you select 20 days you will make 120%

If you select 30 days you will make 150%

9. How much is 1 Jamii Token

Jamii Token is a virtual coin that has a fix price of R1 per token. The exchange rate does not affect the price of the token